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no safety cages

Just another worker on the line

Baxter was designed to work elbow to elbow with people, so no valuable floor space is required for safety cages. It includes three complementary safety systems:

Passive Safety Systemimg_baxter_no_cages_sm

Baxter is designed to be inherently safe. It has no sharp edges or mechanical pinch points. Surfaces that could potentially cause harm upon impact are equipped with protective padding, and every joint is designed to be compliant. Additionally, every motor can be “back driven” in order to comply when unexpectedly pushed backwards.

If Baxter’s power supply should be cut, its arms relax slowly. So employees have time to move safely out of the way.

Active Safety System

Baxter contains sensors and software protocols that enhance safety. Sensors detect people within contact distance and trigger the robot to slow to safe operation speeds. This makes it easier for people to avoid inadvertent contact, and reduces impact in the event of an unintended collision.

Baxter is also equipped with “self-safety” elements that prevent its body parts from hitting one another.

Interface To Third-Party Safety Components

While Baxter comes with a complete built-in safety system, you can augment it with external safety components. Its data ports easily interface with third-party safety devices like safety mats and light curtains.