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extensible platform

Go ahead—enhance away

extensible-platform-newBaxter leaves the hardware-centric approach to robotics behind for the platform-based approach leveraged by PCs and mobile devices. Its operating system and applications software can be enhanced with regular software updates to improve performance and expand task capabilities.

Like other platform products, Baxter offers interface specifications for peripherals, such as end effectors from third-party providers and traditional safety components, as well as digital I/O connectivity via an optional Modbus Remote Terminal Unit.

The Baxter robot for manufacturing features a regular stream of software enhancements that expand its capabilities and performance. Read all about the features in Baxter’s latest software release here.

The Baxter Research Robot, introduced in April 2013, leverages the same impressive hardware and characteristics of the original Baxter robot being used by manufacturers, while providing an open source Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows researchers to build a wide array of custom applications.

How else is Baxter different?