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how baxter is different

The robot revolution is here (in a good way)

Baxter is an adaptive, collaborative manufacturing robot. It contains cameras, sensors and sophisticated software that enable it to “see” objects, “feel” forces and “understand” tasks. The result is a robot that automatically adapts to changing environments. It knows what you mean and does what you expect.

Here are just a few ways that Baxter is smarter than the average robot.


No Safety Cages

No need to cage this robot – in fact, Baxter prefers to be up close and personal with fellow line workers. learn more


No Programming

Forget the teaching pendant and the engineering degree – line workers can train Baxter by manually showing it what to do. learn more


Very Capable

Incredibly versatile. Moves from one job to the next with ease. Expands its skill set with new software releases. Is it your new tablet? Nope, it’s your new industrial robot. learn more


Streamlined Integration

Use it on its own or connect it to the rest of your automation system. It’s up to you. Either way, Baxter can be up and running within hours, not weeks or months. learn more


Works Intelligently

Baxter avoids obstacles, limits the force of accidental contact, and adapts to changes in its environment, such as dropped objects or variable conveyor speeds. learn more


Extensible Platform

Adding capabilities to Baxter is as simple as downloading a new app on your phone. Seriously. learn more



Baxter’s base price is an eye-opening $25,000, with a ‘fully loaded’ configuration including all accessories plus a 3-year hardware warranty and software subscription for less than $40,000. Build your own quote and see for yourself. learn more