What Makes Our Robots Different?


To Real World Variability

The plant floor can be a chaotic place, with constantly changing conditions that make it challenging for conventional automation. Our robots are specifically designed to work in these “real world” environments. They can pick up items that aren’t precisely aligned, then re-orient and place them correctly. Their unique combination of compliance and advanced sensing technology means they adapt to your environment, rather than having to adapt your environment to them.

Compliant Motion Control

Leveraging our patented series elastic actuators, we combined mechanical compliance with sophisticated force control to create compliant motion control, an innovation that allows our robots to operate safely, precisely and adaptively. It also enables them to excel in semi-structured environments, because they can “feel” their way into positions without damaging parts, fixtures or themselves.

Embedded Vision

Our robots may have eyes, but it’s the embedded cameras throughout their head and wrist areas that give them their vision. Whether it’s basic part recognition, enabling the Robot Positioning System for dynamic re-orientation, or sophisticated vision applications with our embedded Cognex camera in Sawyer, one thing’s for sure – seeing is believing.


To Change Applications Quickly

For conventional robots, the combined cost of programming and integrating the solution can be 3-5 times the purchase price. And many basic collaborative robots come with similar integration challenges. We’ve removed many of the traditional barriers to implementing our robots, resulting in a streamlined integration process for you and your team. So you get up and running faster, with less cost and reduced downtime – no matter how many times you deploy and redeploy our robots.

Flexible & Redeployable

In the new manufacturing reality, Flexible is the new Fast. And our smart, collaborative robots are ideal for environments requiring frequent line turnovers or inconsistent part presentation.   Featuring the Robot Positioning System for dynamic re-orientation, as well as a mobile pedestal base, they can be easily modified, moved and redeployed from one job to the next as production requirements dictate.

Easily Integrated

Baxter and Sawyer are both complete systems, with all the hardware, software, grippers and safety capabilities they need to get right to work. They can work autonomously on a simple, repetitive task or as part of a larger, comprehensive automation infrastructure. Either way, our robots are up for the task at hand, in a way that makes sense for your current environment. Simply put, we’ve gone to great lengths to make sure you don’t have to.

Safety, by Design

Our robots were built from the ground up to work safely next to people in production environments, without caging. In addition to being power and force limited, they feature compliant arms with series elastic actuators and back-drivable joints, which are loaded with embedded sensors. There are simply no safer collaborative robots available today. And when you interact with one, you’ll understand why.

Rapid ROI

With surprisingly low pricing, minimal implementation, operation and maintenance costs, and an extensible software platform that continues to add capabilities and improve performance over time, our robots offer a return on investment in as little as 4 months. That adds up to big value in a small amount of time, especially when deployed in large scale.


Can Work Like People Do

So what exactly is a “smart” collaborative robot? We’re glad you asked. It’s one that modifies its behavior to respond to changing and unexpected conditions on the plant floor. One that is simple to train, modify and deploy with your existing staff, into your existing environment. And one that improves itself over time, adding new skill sets and becoming a more capable worker. We call it working like people do, and it’s a unique advantage of our robots.

Intelligent Performance / AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become one of the most widely used and often misunderstood terms in technology today. Here’s what it means to us: A platform that allows our robots to perceive their environment and behave in a way that makes sense to their human co-workers. Here’s what it will mean to you: a smart, collaborative robot that works like people do on your production line.

Extensible Software

Our groundbreaking Intera platform is by far the most intuitive software platform in the robotics industry. Powering both Baxter and Sawyer, this simple interface allows existing staff to teach the robot by demonstration. And our ongoing commitment to evolving our software with regular downloadable updates ensures you always have access to the latest functionality available. We’ve revolutionized how features are delivered and utilized on our robots, and you’ll appreciate the results.