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Industry-Tested Research, Education & Outreach Platform

Baxter Research Robot is a compelling addition to the world of Research and Education.  With the same industry-tested hardware of our flagship robot Baxter that is revolutionizing the manufacturing world, Baxter Research Robot is providing a safe, affordable, robust platform for schools and labs to utilize in exciting ways.  With market-leading value, a unique inherent safety system and the real-world relevance of the Baxter manufacturing solution, it is quickly becoming a must-have tool for leading institutions around the globe.

Baxter Research Robot allows direct programming access to the system via a standard, open-source ROS API interface. Users can run custom programs from a connected development workstation, or locally through access to the on-board CPU. It is entirely safe to operate around humans without the need for safety cages or other guarding equipment, and comes with a suite of example programs, demonstration videos, online documentation and a robust user community to help new users get started quickly in developing new applications.

The Baxter Platform

Safe, Powerful and Affordable

For decades, robotics researchers and educators had been forced to make concessions between critical elements such as system cost, safety, range of functionality, and ease of use. In 2013, Rethink’s Baxter Research Robot changed all that – and in doing so, changed how this community could leverage robotics in their work.

Baxter Research Lab Robotics


What Can You Do With Baxter Research Robot?

Human-Robot Interaction

Tap into Baxter’s humanoid form and embedded sensors to empower a new wave of Human-Assistive Robotics research all over the world.

Machine Learning

Accelerate research in machine learning and artificial intelligence, with relevance for a range of real-world applications.


Develop models of autonomy and intelligence on a flexible and dynamic platform.

Computer Vision

Apply new models of computer/machine vision on a dynamic, flexible actuator platform.

Manipulation & Mechatronics

Focus on your development goals and accelerate breakthroughs instead of building demonstration platforms.

Planning & Manipulation

Set up and use the robot in human environments, not behind cages, to test and demonstrate many real-world functions.

Corporate R&D

Develop innovative solutions to both human-centric and automated processes in the modern factory.

Education & Outreach

Empower students and teachers alike with a highly effective teaching tool, from grammar school to grad school to tech school.

Connect with Your Community

Learn From Your Peers, Share Your Discoveries

Collaboration (the human to human kind) is a key element of research and education.  Rethink Robotics fosters a global community of users across academic, corporate and R&D environments to support the incredible work being done with our products around the world.

Join our active, robust and growing research user community in our Research Forum.  Tap into the latest tools and documentation in our comprehensive Wiki.  And download our Grant Proposal Starter Kit to give you a head start on your next funding effort.


Baxter’s Vacuum Cup Grippers

Vacuum Cup Grippers

Can be used to pick up a wide range of objects, especially if they’re smooth, non-porous or flat.  Connect directly to external air lines.

Baxter’s Electric Parallel Grippers

Electric Parallel Grippers

Allow Baxter to pick up rigid and semi-rigid objects of many shapes and sizes.  Interchangeable fingers and fingertips maximize flexibility.

Baxter’s Mobile Pedestal

Mobile Pedestal

Optional rolling pedestal with industrial grade casters makes it easy to move Baxter quickly and safely between locations.

International Superstar

baxter research prototype robot

Thanks to growing demand both in the United States and around the world, Baxter is now available to academic and corporate researchers in North America, Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, China and Hong Kong, Korea and other parts of Asia via the Baxter Research Prototype Robot. It features the same great attributes in a product that’s specifically made for international markets.

Baxter Research Prototype Robot
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Tech Specs & Warranty

Field tested, built to last

With industrial-tested hardware, built-in safety, and a long list of value-added features and tools, it’s not an exaggeration to say this robot comes fully loaded.

Need to find the latest technical specifications, warranty information, and general bits & bytes on Baxter Research Robot?  You’ve come to the right place.

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