Applications & Industries

Robots That Work

Where can you use a smart, collaborative robot? Just about anywhere. The versatility of our robots makes them a perfect fit for a wide range of industries and applications, where reduced costs, increased productivity and improved quality are critical.


CNC Machining

Loading/unloading CNC machines; support varied cycle times and finishing operations, increase uptime, and lower scrap rates.

Metal Fabrication

Tending press brake machines; improve worker safety and satisfaction, increase productivity, improve quality.


Packing cases, packaging parts and materials, and stacking layers for different types of products and containers.


Test and Inspection

Multi-point inspection with a single camera, full digital traceability of results, error proof processing.

PCB Handling and ICT

Tending circuit board testers; move and manipulate delicate components throughout the process.

Molding Operations

Tending injection molding machines; reduce cycle times increase machine time utilization and reduce errors.

Loading and Unloading

Moving parts to and from tables, cases, conveyors, fixtures and more, maintaining counts and re-orienting parts.


Success Stories

Our robots are hard at work in companies large and small, across varied industries including electronics, plastics, contract manufacturing/packaging, automotive, metal fabrication, consumer goods and many more.   Who knows?  The next great success story might just be yours.


The generally lightweight nature of parts and materials in plastics facilities makes this industry a great fit for our robots. From loading and unloading injection molding machines, to kitting plastic furniture components, to packaging finished parts into blister packs or tight containers for shipping, one thing is certain – Our robots love Plastics.

Contract Manufacturing/Packaging/3PL

Because of the variable nature of contract-driven production schedules, companies in these industries generally value flexibility above volume – and flexibility is where our robots excel. Their ability to be deployed and redeployed quickly and easily using in-house staff makes them ideal for switching from line to line as needed.


With delicate components and frequent line changeovers, the electronics industry has historically been challenging to automate effectively. But our smart, collaborative robots excel in these environments, providing the force sensitivity and flexibility needed to automate a wide range of electronic component manufacturing.

Metal Fabrication

Metalworking environments can be among the most challenging for humans to deal with – heat, noise and odor are commonplace. Some of the hardest jobs in these plants are also the best suited for our robots. Whether it’s tending press brakes and other machines, loading lines and fixtures, or handling raw materials and finished parts, our robots show their mettle in Metal.

Consumer Goods

Consumer goods industries are often affected by seasonal activity. Ramping labor up and down during peak periods is not unusual, and it can be hard to staff appropriately. Our smart, collaborative robots help manage third shift and seasonal labor requirements thanks to their flexibility for use across many different lines as needed – packing cases, loading lines, supporting inspections, and more.


Industrial robots have been utilized by auto and transportation equipment manufacturers for many years, doing painting and welding operations behind cages. Our robots prefer the jobs that put them near the humans in the shop, whether that’s picking and placing parts onto lines or fixtures, press-fitting plastic parts into place, tending inspection stations, or many more.


Institutions around the world rely on robots from Rethink Robotics. Our open-source SDK provides researchers with a safe, affordable platform and full compatibility with ROS tools. And our Gazebo simulator enables work outside the lab or classroom. Baxter and Sawyer are inspiring tomorrow’s innovations, with today’s technology.


Rethink Robotics is transforming education with our smart, collaborative Baxter and Sawyer robots. From K-12 to graduate studies, these versatile robots are helping educate students from the classroom to the factory floor, while helping schools increase enrollment and academic achievement.