When Rethink Robotics founder Rodney Brooks was producing the Roomba vacuum at iRobot in the 2000s, he saw first-hand how challenging and inefficient the off-shored manufacturing process could be.  By the end of that decade, he founded Rethink Robotics, with the intent of providing an entirely new type of automation to manufacturers.  One that was safe to work next to without cages; easily and manually trainable by non-engineers; flexible enough to move quickly from job to job without an integrator; and affordable for companies of all sizes.

That vision was realized with the introduction of Baxter® in 2012.  For the first time, manufacturers had a cost-effective and easily adoptable alternative to off-shoring.  And the market had a new category of automation called collaborative robotics.

Today, we are continuing to deliver on and expand that vision.  We have steadily added features and functionality to Baxter through a series of releases to our industry-leading Intera® software platform.  We have introduced Baxter for Research & Education as an open source humanoid platform for development and teaching purposes.   And in 2015, we added Sawyer™, a high performance robot designed for machine tending, circuit testing and many other high precision tasks.  Best of all, we will continue to develop exciting new technologies that will further redefine what is possible with automation, robotics and human-machine interaction.

We are a collection of technology innovators, business leaders, and market visionaries who have teamed up to open new doors for our customers around the globe.  We’re large enough to change the world, but small enough to consume ourselves with yours.

Simply put, our mission is to make robotics more accessible, usable and practical than they’ve ever been before.  We’re here to Rethink Robotics.  And to help you rethink what’s possible in your organization.